Customise tabs in the Webclient

First, you need to be using the Enterprise edition and production groups, and store your production group preference settings on the server (via Server Admin Panel > Groups & Roles, then edit the production group, or right click on the production group in the Server tree and save settings).

Define all the tabs you might possibly want to use anywhere (in either the CatDV or web client) in CatDV Pro > Preferences > Customise Details Panel. Then, you selectively turn on or off specific tabs in particular contexts or for particular roles:

To show or hide the tab in the CatDV client check the “visible” checkbox in preferences

Creating Different Tab Views 1b

By default the web client matches CatDV client. To override, add the name of tabs you want shown or hidden in the web client in Server Control Panel > Server Config > Web Client. (Enter a comma separated list of tab names, case is significant.) You will require the custom web UI option, and should check the “Use production group settings” option.

edit server config eg

To override specific tabs for particular users, add the name of tabs you want shown or hidden for that role in CatDV Pro > Server > Server Admin Panel > Groups & Roles > double click the role. (Enter the tab names, one per line, case is significant.)

Creating Different Tab Views3

Creating Different Tab Views4

The ability to customise which tabs are shown in the web client by role was added in server 6.8b3, available from http://www.squarebox.com/download/, though this is still in beta so if you’re not already on 6.8 you might want to take extra care backing up your server and testing it out thoroughly if you want to try it already now.

Creating Different Tab Views5