Controlling Access and Security

CatDV Enterprise Server and  CatDV Enterprise Client allow you to control an individual user’s access to specific clips and catalogues.

Any number of different users can be set up, and each user is assigned a specific Role. This defines what permissions they will have over catalogs in the system.Server admin panel eg

Each catalogue has an owner and also belongs to a Production Group and these together determines who can read from or write to the catalogue. Initially a catalogue is assigned to the default production group of the user who created it, but it can subsequently be re-assigned to any other production group.

Different Production Groups can be set up to correspond to different clients, projects or teams as appropriate for a given organisation.

The user, role,  production groups and permissions model is very flexible. Different members of a production group can have different levels of access, and users can be members of more than one production group, with different access in each production  group. Production group administrators can add users to the production group or edit their permissions, while system administrators have full access to create or delete production groups and edit anyone’s permission.