Troubleshooting Server

In order for us to process your support request as efficient as possible it is best to send us the correct information when sending the first support email to [email protected]

Common issues connected to the server are :

Cannot connect to server from Desktop client

Database not running

Perform Housekeeping

Server Operation In progress

We will need the following information

Screenshot of the server front panel

Screenshot of the server details

Screenshot of the database details

Server Log Files

Webclient status (if required)

Server Front Panel

When reporting problems with Server we need certain information before we can begin to investigate. Access the server control panel and take a screen shot.


click on Server Details and take a screen shot

Server Details


Database Details Panel


Click on the database details to reveal the pop up panel and take the sceenshot

Server Log Files

Then we will need the Server logs in order to diagnose the problem these can be accessed from here


Click save log files at the top of the log screen and email to support @squarebox.com with the other screens shots.


Webclient Status

It can be useful to also provide information from the webclient showing the server status and details. To do this you will need administrator privileges login to the webclient

Once Logged in Select Admin from the top right of the web browser


You can then view the status of the webserver details by either selecting monitor or dashboard


Take a screenshot of the displayed details this is really useful if the support request is connected to web proxy paths.


Please note that if you do not have access to the CatDV Server Control Panel you can still retrieve the Server details from the CatDV Desktop Client Pro and CatDV Desktop Client Pegasus editions. To do this ensure that you are connected and logged into CatDV Server, then click on Server->Server Admin Panel. This will open a pop-up window defaulting to the Server Status tab containing statistics and version information. This can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into an email that you can send to us.