Working with XMP / ICMP fields

CatDV has strong support for XMP and ICMP metadata. This page provides an overview of the XMP and ICMP support.

XMP/IPTC metadata in CatDV

On ingest CatDV will extract any XMP / ICMP metadata it encounters into “Metadata Columns” with the same field names as the XMP / ICMP tag.

The metadata columns can be viewed in the Preferences application.


Alternatively drag some media into CatDV then view all the CatDV fields that have been populated, ie with the “HTML Summary” or “Other” special tabs (which are check box options in the Preferences panel).


These fields can be used on normal details panels too.


The XMP/ICMP tag names are available using the “Customise Details Panel” option in the CatDV Preferences:

XMP ICMP details panel eg

XMP/IPTC Metadata in the Worker

The CatDV Worker can also access the metadata and use it for example to organise media. An XMP/IPTC tag could be used to set the destination for a CatDV Worker copy or move action. Metadata columns can be accessed in the worker using the @ symbol. For example