XDCAM AVC playback problems


Black or Green playback of XDCAM footage in CatDV running on Snow Leopard or Lion OSX systems


If you update to the Apple ProCodecs v1.0.3 using this download:


Then that would have updated your AppleHDVCodec.component to version v2.0.4 and there is a known Apple bug with the v2.0.4 AppleHDVCodec.component that comes with that Apple update that both Sony and Apple have confirmed that affects Lion and Snow Leopard systems:



This bug would also affec  XDCAM wrapped MOV files.

The only work around is to copy the older version of the AppleHDVCodec.component from another computer and replace the newer version with the older version and then restart your computer, or to upgrade to Mavericks.

Last updated – December 2013