Problems with Cache-A


I’m having problems archiving to Cache-A with the archiving plugin.


It’s possible you have a “phantom” directory in your /Volumes folder. Normally when you mount the Cache-A NAS volume it appears as /Volumes/Cache-A but if the volume goes offline subsequently it’s possible that some applications such as CatDV might create a folder on your system drive with the same name. (CatDV normally protects against this but it’s possible that an older version created such a folder.) If that happens then when you next mount the Cache-A drive it will appear as /Volumes/Cache-A-1. To resolve this problem, unmount your Cache-A volume, then use the Finder > Go > Go To Folder command and enter /Volumes. You should see the name of your local drive(s) but there shouldn’t be a “Cache-A” folder; if there is drag it out on to your desktop or the trash (first checking that it doesn’t contain any important archived files) then remount the Cache-A volume and reselect it in CatDV archive configuration dialog. Also, make sure you select Cache-A rather than Other from the drop down and enter the hostname of the Cache-A device, eg. “cache02.local”. Finally, make sure you are using the latest version of both the CatDV Pro software and Cache-A firmware.

Last updated - April 2012