Third Party Codec Crashes


CatDV crashes when playing media on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion


There appears to be an incompatibility between 3rd party QuickTime codecs (3ivx, divx, Perian) and Lion. If you see entries similar to the following in your crash log try removing these codecs from the /Library/QuickTime folder. Alternatively, if you enable the protected player in CatDV’s media playback preferences that will run the playback engine as a separate process, which should allow the main CatDV application to continue and relaunch the player if a crash occurs.

Thread 20 Crashed:: Java: AWT-EventQueue-0

0 ??? 0x56ecb140 get_feature_flags + 0

1 lib3ivxEnc.dylib 0x56e48f3c InitHooks + 5088

2 lib3ivxEnc.dylib 0x56e4ad52 InitThrivex + 68

3 lib3ivxEnc.dylib 0x56e5ebe0 l3_init + 11

4 com.3ivx.videocodec 0x56dd756d ThrivXCDOpen + 676

Last updated – April 2012