Hello world! This CatDV Worker Node plugin integrates with the Amazon Transcribe, Translate and Rekognition services to give your CatDV library a serious intelligence boost. Whether you’re a news organization, a post production house or a law firm with a video marketing department, Amazon AI can help you to find metadata within your content faster and free up valuable human effort from repetitive tagging / screening procedures.

Release Notes

1.0 - October 2020 - Initial public release


CatDV Pegasus Server 9 or later

CatDV Enterprise or Pegasus Worker 8.1.4 or later

A worker plugin license key for “AmazonAI”

At least one remote S3 volume configured in Worker Node, e.g. [AmazonS3]

IAM access keys with permissions for the associated services (matching the region of the S3 volume)