Amazon Image Rekognition

Amazon Image Rekognition actions run ‘on the fly’ and can identify the following types of content in your image:

Labels - basic tagging of objects, scenes

Faces - includes whether appearance is male or female, age range, accessories and emotions

Celebrities - includes name and if found, a link to the relevant IMDB page

Text - includes any lines of detected text

Unsafe Images - tags images containing suggestive or explicit sexual and violent content

Settings available in the Worker Plugin are:

Detection Types (either chosen manually or taken from a CatDV field of your choosing)

Minimum Confidence (0 to 99)

Output Field (where the results will go - in manual mode, use the clip[identifier] syntax)

Output as (Nicely-formatted HTML or Plain Text?)

Include Headings (Shows descriptors like ‘Detected Faces’, or ‘No Celebrities Detected’)