Large Metadata fields

CatDV by default has user fields with a 64kB size (in MySQL, the other databases will have similar limits). This can be extended to cater for customers with very large data requirements (for example if long transcripts are to be stored in CatDV).

A message may appear when trying to save very fields that CatDV “Failed to Publish Changes” and / or “Data is too long for column”.

To make CatDV handle larger data sizes the database structure needs an update. In MySQL this can be changed using the mysql command line tool as described here, or a variety of GUI based database schema management tools (for example Sequel Pro). For customers using Oracle or MS SQL Server please consult these product’s documentation.

It is very important to take a database backup before performing this activity.

Log in to MySQL using something similar to:

./mysql -u root -p catdv

and make the following change