Desktop Streaming Proxies

From CatDV 10.0.5 with Server 6.8 onwards, CatDV web proxies can be streamed to the desktop clients (Pegasus, Enterprise, Professional and Standard edition).

In the preferences application the “media search paths” for a “path based proxy” need to be set up to point at a web address rather than a file system address.

To enable this facility, configure the server to stream proxies suitable for the rich clients, and set up the rich clients to receive the proxies as follows.

Go to the CatDV Server Control panel

Tell the server to publish proxies folder to a new URL: Press the Server Config button and enter the codes:

web.proxyUrl = /proxies

web.proxyPath = <the file location of your web proxies>


In the desktop client, choose Preferences – Media Search Paths and set up Path Based Proxies to the media files …


in this example the Hi Res media path is : C:CatDVMediaHiresMedia the Web Proxy Media is in : C:CatDVMediaProxyMedia on the server

and the web proxies are served at the URL in the screen shot above.

To test a particular web proxy path, browse to the location of the web proxy manually, go to URL:

http://<CatDV Server>:<port>/proxies/<path or filename of proxy in proxy folder>, for instance (using the example paths above):