Working With dnaLTFS

Working With dnaLTFS

  dnaLTFS from StorageDNA is the world’s first direct access file system for tape, allowing you to leverage the density and reliability of LTO tape archive within your online workflows. CatDV fully supports dnaLTFS volumes along with the following behaviours:

 – If a dnaLTFS asset is detected, playback will only work via Proxy file or Thumbnails as LTO tape is not fast enough to support real-time playback and seeking.

  – If a file move or copy is initiated, the message “Please ensure your StorageDNA tape IO is Un-paused? will appear before the operation proceeds. Please check to ensure you have un-paused tape I/O before proceeding with the operation.

 – The default mount path for a dnaLTFS filesystem is ~/Desktop/dnaLTFS, and can be set in the CatDV User Preferences if it is changed from the default.

 – dnaLTFS support requires the CA1 Desktop Archiving Option license.

  Please contact [email protected] for licensing inquiries.