Archiving & DAX

Archiving software developed by our partner DAX Archiving Solutions offers the opportunity to extend CatDV with fully embedded archiving and retrieval in the broadcast workflow.

Together, CatDV and DAX Broadcast Archive provides a complete media asset management and archive solution which supports all major editing platforms (Avid, Adobe, FCP), a large variety of cameras and all archive media (LTO, Blu-ray, FTP/Hard disk).

For tape-based archival under Apple’s OS X, the DAX Broadcast Archive component interefaces with BRU Server from TOLIS Group, Inc. providing online, near line (cached), and offline (tape-based) archival of clips and other media directly from within the CatDV Desktop interface. Select your clip(s), right click and select “Archive Status” from the popup menu and you can archive the clips, purge them, or restore them without ever leaving CatDV.