Archiving & Quantum StorNext

Quantum StorNext provides a SAN File System delivering high-performance file creation, storage and sharing of data. The addition of Storage Manager offers an intelligent means of data life cycle management. The SNArchive solution leverages the power of CatDV Enterprise Server and StorNext Storage Manager to provide an intuitive user interface to the complex task of archiving.

SNArchive primarily deals with media location, whether online or committed to tape for long- term storage. Considering the cost of high bandwidth storage, SNArchive may also be employed for ‘edit with proxy’ workflows where the high definition media is required for final conform tasks.

Nominated archivists receive additional Tools for use in CatDV Pro to request archive or retrieve operations. A Settings utility is provided to configure the package to the user environment.

CatDV provides first class media asset management and is the essential control component for your metadata, including file location and historical events relating to archive operations. Whilst the SNArchive directs media by operator request, CatDV receives tracking metadata detailing the media location at any point in time.

The SNArchive Solution for StorNext comprises several additional programs to a standard CatDV Enterprise Server deployment. Whilst the archive status of media is under full control of operators, the CatDV Worker is used for the queuing, querying and StorNext communication. This allows specific CatDV Pro users the freedom of submitting archive related requests without adding additional load to the workstation in use. The user requests are queued for operation on the CatDV Worker node which is responsible for data relocation and integration.