Working with MXF in CatDV

With the CatDV MXF Option you can import and work with MXF files such as those from a Panasonic P2 camera, Sony XDCAM, or as used by AVID. CatDV will read the files in however, you will need to have a suitable third party codec installed to play the MXF media back.


With MXF clips it is normal for the audio and video information to be written to separate files. CatDV will automatically combine video and audio tracks from separate files into a single clip, known as a Metaclip allowing you to play the files in sync and all the end user sees is one video clip..

Using metaclips you can create subclips, add metadata and log notes, build previews and treat native MXF files just like regular clips.

CatDV uses its built-in MXF and XML parsers to read metadata from the files and load these into CatDV metadata fields, including any data entered on the camera such?as subject, location, or camera lens details. In the case of P2 media, you can log the clips in CatDV, bulk editing fields such as name, creator and placename, or creating event markers, and then export these back to the P2 clip for interchange with other applications.

Media playback in CatDV is based on QuickTime, Particular codecs are required in order to playback additional media formats including MPEG-2, MXF, RED, Cineon DPX, WMV, within CatDV

Companies such as MXF4mac and Calibrated Software produce a range of codecs that can be used with the CatDV MXF Option to seamlessly work with P2, XDCAM and AVID MXF media.