MySQL Database

Location of mysqldump (MySQL Server bin)

A folder containing an executable mysqldump[.exe]

default: /usr/local/mysql/bin

Under Windows this will be something like: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 7.4\bin

Database Host:

The IP address or hostname where the database is installed

default: localhost


The database name, as configured on the Database tab of the Server ControlPanel

default: catdv

Database Username

A user with the following permissions on the database:


NB. The user must be permitted to log in FROM THIS MACHINE (The Worker Service)

default: catdvadmin

Database Password

As set for the user

Server Configuration

CatDV Server location

default: /usr/local/catdvServer

Under Windows this will be something like: C:\Program Files\Square Box\CatDV Server

Desktop client config

User's Home directory

On Mac OS, this folder is expected to contain a subfolder /Library/Preferences, which contains the file CatDV Preferences

On Windows, this is the folder that contains catdv.prefs

default: /Users/CatDVUser

Worker config

Worker config directory

The folder containing worker.xml and either workset.xml or workset.db

default: /Library/Application Support/CatDV Worker

Depending on installation, this may be

/Users/MyUser/Library/Application Support/Square Box

On Windows this will be something like

C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\Square Box or C:\ProgramData\Square Box\CatDV Worker

Backup destination

Destination folder for backups

Can be any folder writable by the Worker. It is recommended to to locate this on a different physical volume from any of the volumes from which files are being backed up!

default: /var/squarebox/backups

Create sub-folder for each backup

If set, the worker creates a sub-folder with the current timestamp, and copies/creates backup files inside that.

Otherwise, the worker appends the current timestamp to each filename, and copies directly into the destination folder

default: true

Sep 2020