Transcoding RED .RDM & .RDC

This document is a companion to Transcoding RED .R3D Footage.

RED R3D files are the underlying movies, however for longer clips, including those that span several .R3D files a different approach to transcodes is needed.

Two worker actions need to be set up to treat .R3D and the .RDM (magazine) or .RDC (clip) folders.

The .R3D transcode is as described in Transcoding RED .R3D Footage, with an extra condition to check that Format contains “Red Movie”.

The .RDM transcode is has an extra condition to check that Format contains “Red Metaclip”

Then the command line needs to work slightly different.

The input file argument (–i) previously used was $i.

Now we need to pass the first .R3D file to REDLINE which will them pick up the remainder of the spanned clips and include those too. This can be specified as

--i "$p/$g.RDC/$g_001.R3D"

Meaning a typical convert command might look like …

"/Applications/REDCINE-X Professional/REDCINE-X PRO.app/Contents/MacOS/REDline" --i "$p/$g.RDC/$g_001.R3D" --o $g --outDir "/Volumes/Media/RED proxies/" --format 11 --QTcodec 2 --res 4

There is more information on Troubleshooting Worker actions that use the Execute Command capability here.