Verbatim Logging with CatDV

With the Verbatim Logger you can play a movie file and type in comments or clip names while the movie plays. Whenever you press the Mark button (or use a configurable keyboard shortcut) the current timecode is inserted, so everything you type is linked to where it occurs in the movie. The Verbatim Logger is located under the tools menu, you can also access it by using ‘Shift+Command+V’.


You can copy and paste this text into a word processor document if you want a verbatim log or transcript of a programme, or you can create subclips in the CatDV catalog representing each timecode marker.

If you need to log live action events that are occurring in real time you can use the Verbatim Logger without a movie playing but with a free running time of day timecode.

The time coded notes can then be viewed by anyone on the production or copied into a word document.

One interesting application, that neatly demonstrates how you can combine features of CatDV to create new workflows, is to combine the Verbatim Logger with the Movie Export command to create subtitles for a movie. Insert a timecode marker wherever you want a subtitle to appear and type in the subtitle text. When you close the Verbatim Logger, select all the subclips and export them as a movie.