Removing CatDV Server from OSX

The following guide will walk you through the steps required to uninstall CatDV Server from an OSX workstation/server.

 1. Stop CatDV Server by running the CatDV Server Control Panel and clicking the Stop button in the CatDV Server section.

CatDV Server Control Panel

2. Delete the /usr/local/catdvServer directory using the following command:

sudo rm –r /usr/local/catdvServer

Warning: SUDO is an extremely powerful command so take care that only the catdvServer folder and its contents are removed!

 3. Delete the CatDV Launch Daemon config file:


CatDV Launch Daemon

4. Uninstall all CatDV Applications by deleting all of the following (where present):

 /Applications/CatDV Control Panel.app

/Applications/CatDV Pro [version]

/Applications/CatDV Pegasus [version]

/Applications/CatDV Worker[version]

CatDV in applications

5. OPTIONALLY – You may wish to delete the database used by CatDV

If you used CatDV’s built-in database, then delete the following folder:

/Library/Application Support/CatDV Server/db

If you used MySQL, then you will need to drop the ‘catdv’ database using the MySQL command line:

MySQL command line - CatDV database

Last updated – August 2015